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Routr 1.0RC3 - User Location Lookup Performance Tests

Author: Pedro Sanders

  1. Overview
  2. User Location Performance Tests
    1. New registrations
    2. Update registrations
    3. User location lookup
  3. Conclusions
  4. Notes
  5. References



These tests were intended to show the performances of the User Location implementation in Routr 1.0RC3. These can be useful to help you better dimension your Routr installation. For these test the login module was deactivated. The network configuration used during the test is depicted in the following image:


As load generator (UAC side) it was used SIPp docker image.

All used SIP-related software was configured to use TCP as the transport protocol for SIP.


Description of the elements used:

Equipment #1 - [Processor], [Memory] with [Operating system] testing. Equipment #2 - [Processor], [Memory] with [Operating system] testing. Equipment #x - [Processor], [Memory] with [Operating system] testing.

Performance Tests

Routr running without any special

SIPp was used to generate [# of interaction] MESSAGE requests via Routr. The results reflect the capacity [General or sub topic] and speed (average response time).

Flow SIP entities definition:

UAC - [UAC]:5070 UAS - [UAS]:5070 Proxy - [PROXY_IP]:5060

SIP messages flow for one complete transaction:

UAC ---> MESSAGE ---> Routr ---> MESSAGE ---> UAS
UAC <--- 200 OK <---  Routr <--- 200 OK <---  UAS

Configuration SIPP command:

[Used SIPp command config ]


Results reported by SIPp on the UAC servers:

Factor Value Note
Iterations 200000
Max concurrent requests 70
Max allowed Rate 10000 requests per second
Average Request Rate 8047.966 requests per second
Failures 0
Retransmissions 0
Timeout 0
Elapsed Time 00:00:24:851 00:00:24:851

Routr config file:

[Whatever config applies]

[Graphical results]

  1. Conclusions
  2. Notes
  3. References