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What is Routr?

Routr is an open-source SIP Server and tooling to deploy VoIP networks. See the overview.

What dependencies does Routr have?

The main Routr server runs standalone and has no external dependencies.

How does Routr compare with other SIP servers

See the comparison page.

What language is Routr written in?

Most Routr components are written in Javascript(with Oracle Nashorn). Some are also written in Java.

What will happen once Nashorn is deprecated?

The announcement Nashorn will soon be deprecated is definitely a concern. The current course of action is to wait and see if GraalJS is a viable replacement for Nashorn or completely re-write the project in Java. In either case, we believe we have time to make the decision later this year.

What license is Routr released under?

Routr is released under the MIT license.