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Users Configuration

1. Changing the password?

If you are using the files_data_provider then you must change the password in the users.yml file. For the redis_data_provider follow these steps:

First, run the command redis-cli smembers users to obtain the reference to the user. Here is an example:

$ redis-cli smembers users
1) "5aa69ead8fd6861d92385bac"
Then, retrieve the document for reference running redis-cli get {REF}. For example

$ redis-cli get 5aa69ead8fd6861d92385bac

Finally, search and change the old password and update your document using redis-cli set {REF} {DOCUMENT}. Like this:

$ redis-cli set 5aa69ead8fd6861d92385bac

A new token will be issued after your next login with rctl