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Users Configuration

Users exist in Routr to perform administrative actions on a Routr instance. The Users configuration can be provided using the file config/users.yml located at the root of your Routr installation.

If using Redis this configuration will be store in the database.

User Resource

Property Description Required
apiVersion Indicates the version of the resource (Not yet implemented) Yes
kind Defines the type of resource Yes Friendly name for the User device Yes
spec.credentials.username User's credential username Yes
spec.credentials.secret User's credential secret Yes


- apiVersion: v1beta1
  kind: User
    name: Administrator
      username: admin
      secret: changeit

Changing the password? (Redis)

First, run the command redis-cli smembers users to obtain the reference to the user. Here is an example:

$ redis-cli smembers users
1) "5aa69ead8fd6861d92385bac"
Then, retrieve the document for reference running redis-cli get {REF}. For example

$ redis-cli get 5aa69ead8fd6861d92385bac

Finally, search and change the old password and update your document using redis-cli set {REF} {DOCUMENT}. Like this:

$ redis-cli set 5aa69ead8fd6861d92385bac

A new token will be issued after your next login with rctl