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Numbers(DID/DOD) Configuration

Numbers represent virtual numbers used to route calls from/to the PSTN through Gateways.

The Numbers configuration can be provided using the file config/numbers.yml located at the root of your Routr installation.

If using Redis this configuration gets stored in the database.

Number Resource

Property Description Required
apiVersion Indicates the version of the resource (Not yet implemented) Yes
kind Defines the type of resource Yes
metadata.ref Reference to this resource No
metadata.gwRef Reference to parent Gateway Yes City of the Number No Country of the Number No
metadata.geoInfo.countryISOCode The Country ISO code for the Number (i.e., US) No
spec.location.telUrl Number URI available in the location server Yes
spec.location.aorLink Address of record of SIP device for call routing Yes


- apiVersion: v1beta1
  kind: Number
    ref: Number0001
    gwRef: GW0001
      city: Columbus, GA
      country: USA
      countryISOCode: US
      telUrl: 'tel:17066041487'
      aorLink: 'sip:john@sip.local'