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Carriers(Gateways) Configuration

Use the Gateway resource to register with a Sip Gateways or SBCs and send or receive calls from the PSTN.

The Gateways configuration can be provided using the file config/gateways.yml located at the root of your Routr installation.

If using Redis this configuration will be store in the database.

Gateway Resource

Property Description Required
apiVersion Indicates the version of the resource (Not yet implemented) Yes
kind Defines the type of resource Yes Friendly name for the SIP device Yes
metadata.ref Reference to this resource Yes
spec.credentials.username Gateway username Yes
spec.credentials.secret Gateway secret Yes Gateway host Yes
spec.transport Transport protocol Yes
spec.expires Requested lifespan of the registration in seconds. Defaults to 3600 No
spec.registries.[*] Additional registries for ingress calls No


- apiVersion: v1beta1
  kind: Gateway
    name: Provider, Inc
    ref:  GW0001
    transport: tcp
      username: 'user'
      secret: changeit