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Domains Configuration

Domains group Agents together. They help isolate groups and allow the creation of rule for incoming and outgoing calling. The domains configuration can be provided using the file config/domains.yml located at the root of your Routr installation.

If using Redis this configuration gets stored in the database.

Domain Resource

Property Description Required
apiVersion Indicates the version of the resource (Not yet implemented) Yes
kind Defines the type of resource Yes Friendly name for the SIP domain Yes
spec.context.domainUri Domain URI. FQDN is recommended Yes
spec.context.egressPolicy.rule Regular expression indicating when a call will be routed via spec.context.egressPolicy.numberRef No
spec.context.egressPolicy.numberRef Reference to the Number that will route the call No
spec.context.accessControlList.allow[*] Traffic allow for Network in list No
spec.context.accessControlList.deny[*] Traffic disabled for Network in list No

ACL Rules may be in CIDR, IP/Mask, or single IP format. Example of rules are:

  • # all


- apiVersion: v1beta1
  kind: Domain
    name: Local Server
      domainUri: sip.local
        rule: .*
        numberRef: Number0001
        deny: []     # Deny all
        allow: []