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Agents Configuration

Agents represent SIP endpoints such as softphones, IP phones, or paging speakers. In Routr, Agents are bound by a Domain. An Agent can belong to one or multiple Domains.

The Agents configuration can be provided using the file config/agents.yml located at the root of your Routr installation.

If using Redis this configuration will be store in the database.

Agent Resource

Property Description Required
apiVersion Indicates the version of the resource (Not yet implemented) Yes
kind Defines the type of resource Yes Friendly name for the SIP device Yes
spec.credentials.username Agent's credential username Yes
spec.credentials.secret Agent's credential secret Yes[*] Context/s in which this Agent is allowed to communicate. FQDN is recommended Yes


- apiVersion: v1beta1
  kind: Agent
    name: John Doe
      username: john
      secret: '1234'
    domains: [sip.local]